This website is developed to support teachers with technology integration in primary school. This is underpinned by research into the TPACK model, detailed below. The digital resources are developed  in a way to merge content, pedagogy and technology. The role of the teacher is central in using the tools to the maximum potential. 

The digital resources cover a range of topics based on the Irish Primary School Curriculum. Subject areas include: Language, Mathematics, SESE and the Arts. Each resource includes a link which could be embedded in the school's own LMS, eg. Seesaw. 

Instructional design theories guide the development of the resources on this website, such as Gagnés 9 Events of Instruction, Mayer's Principles of Multimedia Design and The ARCS model of motivational design theory. 



TPACK: Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge, a framework for teacher knowledge. (Mishra & Koehler, 2006)


This framework extends the seminal work of Shulman (1986) on combating the dichotomy of content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge in developing PCK; pedagogical content knowledge.

Content, Pedagogy and Technology are the three main components of learning environments as outlined by Mishra & Koehler (2006). This could be used as an aid to support teachers with technology integration.

Image: http://tpack.org

Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A framework for teacher knowledge. Teachers College Record, 108(6), 1017-1054. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9620.2006.00684.x.


My qualifications are in Education, French, Drama-in-education and currently a Masters in E-learning Design and Development. (St. Patrick's College (DCU), Trinity College, Munster Technical University (MTU))

My teaching career stretched across 10 years in International Schools, bilingual schools, Junior School, DEIS school and Educate Together schools. 

I have worked with the Czech, British and Irish curriculums and have taught almost every class level as well as Special Education. 

During the first Covid-19 school closure, I began developing more online digital resources. From this my interest in design and technology grew. 

My special area of research currently is in Personalised Adaptive E-Learning to support differentiation in primary school.